born in 1979; cinematographer, painter and sculptor, carpenter; lives and creates in Jerusalem; has designed sets for theater and dance performances; cinematographer of many films that have participated in festivals in Israel and the world and received prizes, among them: “To See if I am Smiling” by Tamar Yarom, “Don Quixote in Jerusalem” by Dani Rosenberg and “Black Bus” by Anat Zuria. 




Itamar Mendes-Flohr



Artist’s Statement



Drawing from my various occupations as a cinematographer, carpenter, lighting and set designer, I seek to incorporate these different practices, ways of seeing and thinking, into my artworks. My work process is mostly connected to my desire to follow marginal, simple, yet at the same time, exhilarating natural phenomena - to be intrigued by them.

I am interested in the meeting between different materials - like stone brushing against stone, a light beam that hits iron, or layers of peeling plaster. I try to imitate these meetings, to search for the complex processes that start one instant – suspended in a particular time, place, viewpoint, state of aggregation. That same instant that cannot ever return, other than trying to come back in its new circumstances.

I want to bring the same playful passion that drives me, the same excitement and joy from the games nature plays, to the viewer. 



Studies and Residencies


1997 -The Musrara School of Photography, Jerusalem

2000-2005 -The Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, Jerusalem, graduated with honors

2005 - Cinematography Master Class, Budapest, Hungary

2006 - Jerusalem Studio School of drawing and painting

2011-2012 - Participation in the “Mamuta” Artist Residency project at Daniela Pasal House in Ein Karem, Jerusalem

2014 - Member of artists’ group at Mamuta, Hansen House, Jerusalem 







Since 2005, has worked as a cinematographer on numerous documentaries and features in Israel, Greece, India, Ethiopia, Poland and Cameroon – films (several of which received prizes in Israel and abroad) directed, among others, by Asher Tlalim, Anat Zuria, Danae Elon, Reuven Brodsky, Elad Keidan, Dani Rosenberg,. Has also worked as lighting designer in additional productions. 






Exhibits and Selected Works



2014 -

* Participation in He’ara 12, with kinetic sculpture “Dybbuk”, curated by Sala-Manca group at the Hansen House, Jerusalem.

* Participation in group exhibit “Living in a Movie,” curated by the Sala- Manca group, at The Hansen House, Jerusalem

2013 -

* Participation in a group exhibit “Light and Shadow Games” at the Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem.e

2012 -

* Participation in “TED-x Jerusalem” presenting “machine no.1” in a lecture and performance

* Set design and construction for the opera “Serenade to the Wind” by Aldo Finzi, for the Donizetti Opera House in Bergamo, Italy

* Participation in the project “site specific art”,  in “Manofim- the Opening of the Art Season in Jerusalem”

* Participation in the group exhibit “Forces Hidden from the Eye”, Bloomfield since Museum, Jerusalem


* Participation in the exhibit “The Museum of the Contemporary” by the Sala-Manca group, in the project “Souvenir Shop”

* Creative partner in an international theater project in the framework of the Switzerland-Israel Cultural Season. Creation of the performance “When You’re Dead You’re Done”

* Participation in the group exhibit “Outside the Attic,” at the Pirates Gallery, Jerusalem. 

* Participation in the festival “The Voice of the Word”, Jerusalem

* Participation in the Artists’ Village “Sea Wind”, at Bat Yam. Creation of acoustic sculpture at the sea shore

* Participation in the project “Tabula Rasa,” the public space at the Mahane Yehuda outdoor market. 

* Participation in the art festival “Baale Basta” at the Mahane Yehuda outdoor market 

* Participation in the art project “Am’haye” – creation in a shared space. 

* Set design for children’s play “Traffic Light” of the Martef/Cellar Theater, Jerusalem


Set design for the dance performance “2010” by Yasmin Ferber. Performed at the Intimidance Festival at the Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv

Set design for the play “Fossilized” in the framework of “Three by Three” of Hazira – Performance Art Arena 



2010 - present

2010 - present